• How safe is this project to enter? If I was to submit my concept, what kind of protection do I have from someone else using my ideas?

    Just like any contest, there are risks one must take to get the reward. In this case, we are asking people to submit a trailer, not an entire plot or script. They need to do this well in order for people to vote, which includes not giving the ending away. The 5 semi-finalists with the most votes will only then have their trailer and scripts reviewed by a panel of industry judges, who will choose a winner based on their talent, experience, and commitment, among other things.

  • Is there an age limit?

    Applicants must be at least 15 years of age, with parental permission for those under the age of 18.

  • Is this project for Canadian residents only?

    No. Any and everyone can submit their idea. However, the film will be shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • What is the submitting filmmaker’s role? Do they get to direct? Produce?

    Submitting filmmakers can work in teams, which ideally consist of 1 director, 1 producer and 1 writer. Or they may submit a pitch as an individual who may be all three. Entrants who are not filmmakers will be involved in the production process as much as they can be, but will likely have a professional team recruited to execute the idea.

  • What share of the profits does the winning team receive?

    The winning team will receive 10% of the profits. It is up to that team to share those profits with their team members however they see fit.

  • Who owns the film?

    Media Factory Inc. would own the rights to the film but would give the winner full credit as well as 10% of the profits.

  • Why is there a submission fee?

    There is a small submission free of $38 CAD to ensure quality submissions by filtering out those who take the contest seriously from those who may not.

  • Will the winning filmmaker receive money to produce the film, or does Media Factory Inc. sign the deal and make the film?

    Media Factory INC. (MFI) will sign the winner to a deal, mentor him or her, as well as fund the project. MFI will support the winning filmmaker to produce the film, from casting, scouting locations, and hiring crew.

  • Would you produce 2D or 3D films or children’s movies?

    All genres, from comedy to horror to documentary and animation will be accepted; we’re just looking for great ideas. Once an idea is chosen, we’ll tell the story in the best way possible.

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